📱🔧 LabInTech Project Delivery Procedure: Ensuring Success and Client Satisfaction! 🚀

At LabInTech, we take great pride in our commitment to excellence and delivering top-notch mobile app solutions to our valued clients. Our Project Delivery Procedure is designed to ensure smooth and efficient project management, timely completion, and ultimate client satisfaction. Today, we're excited to walk you through the key steps we take to make every project a resounding success!
📅 1 Month Before Project End:

As a project approaches its final stages, our Project Manager (PM) takes charge of communicating vital information to our clients. The PM ensures that the project's progress aligns with the timeline and that the completion date will be met on time. For projects lasting three months or longer, the PM communicates the end date at the weekly meetings held four weeks before the project's conclusion. However, for shorter projects, this end date is shared three to two weeks before the conclusion.

During this time, the PM also informs the client about the 30-day warranty period, which commences after the project end date. The warranty period serves as an additional layer of support for our clients, ensuring any issues that may arise are promptly addressed.

⏱ 3 Weeks Before Project End:

Three weeks before the project end date, the PM collaborates with the client to review the project backlog. Together, they identify any tasks that can be worked on during the remaining time or those that will be carried over to the next phase. This proactive approach enables us to make the most of the time available and streamline project completion.

⏱ 2 Weeks Before Project End:

As the project enters its final stages, the PM reminds the client that the project will be completed in the upcoming week. This ensures the client is well-prepared and aware of the impending final delivery.

🧪 Last 4 Weeks of the Project:

During the last four weeks of the project, we place significant emphasis on client testing. The PM regularly checks in with the client to inquire whether they've had a chance to test the system and gather their valuable feedback. If the client is actively testing and providing bug reports or comments, the PM does not need to follow up further, as we're already on top of resolving any issues.
🔍 After Project End:

Once the project reaches its completion date, our commitment to excellence doesn't end there. The PM diligently reviews all issues and bugs reported by the client during the warranty period. Our priority is to address these concerns promptly and efficiently, ensuring that our clients receive a flawless end product.
📝 Managing Feature Requests:

If, during the warranty period, the client submits a new feature request, our PM takes on the responsibility of carefully assessing the request. If feasible, the feature request is added to the backlog for future consideration. If, however, there are limitations or constraints that prevent its implementation, the PM will engage in transparent communication with the client, explaining the rationale behind the decision.

At LabInTech, we believe that effective project delivery is built on open communication, collaboration, and a client-centric approach. Our Project Delivery Procedure enables us to navigate each project with finesse, providing our clients with outstanding mobile app solutions and building lasting partnerships.

We look forward to embarking on exciting new projects with our clients and delivering exceptional results! Stay tuned for more insights and updates on our blog. If you have any questions or project inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Happy app development,

The LabInTech Team 🚀💻